Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's A Catch and Release Party?

29 MARCH 2014

Contact: Johanna Harness


In Johanna Harness' upcoming book, SPILLWORTHY, the main characters capture their best thoughts, transfer them to pizza boxes, and then set them free into the world.

To mark the official release of the book, readers worldwide will be releasing paperback copies of the new book into the world.  This global party is a "catch and release" party because new readers are encouraged to write their thoughts in the back of the book before again releasing it for others to find.

Readers who find the book can log into to tell others where they found the book and also to reveal where they next released it.

"The best part of this experience is letting go," says Harness. "Believing that the books will end up where they are supposed to be is freeing on so many levels."

Of course, the book will also available for sale.  After May 1st, it can be found on or ordered through your local, independent bookstore.

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